Your special day ... the perfect scent

Personal Scent Profile with Fragrance Recommendation

Your perfect scent, revealed in a private consultation with Laura Donna. Learn the secrets of your perfume preferences. Bouquet of classic and rare scent samples just for you.

$200-$600 with convenient phone and email options from $50

Custom Perfume

Many options: Blend-your-own, traditional French style, all-natural, aromatherapy scents, lush tropical blends, mystical and sensual fragrances to stir the soul. Laura Donna suggests the perfumer and design approach best for you.

$125 - $3,000

Bridal Parties

Weave a harmonious scent tapestry for your bridal party. Indulge your guests with a scent event, discovery of a unique perfume and fragrant favors.

$500 - $5,000 for party of five

Environmental Scent

It’s in the air! Set the mood for your wedding with a choice of scents…or design your own unique blend. Let the ambiance unfold with alternating fragrances. All-natural options available. A day to remember.

$500 – $3,000

Contact Laura Donna to discuss fragrances for your wedding and the joyful years ahead.