About Laura Donna

Laura Donna has been a fragrance lover from childhood. As a young girl, she made scented candles and as an adult she converted many friends and family into fragrance fans. In the mid-1990s, driven to share the pleasures of perfume with a greater audience, Laura began research on methods to predict scent preferences. She obtained CFSS certification from The Fragrance Foundation and built a collection of the finest oils from all over the world.

Working for an international beauty firm, Laura proved her fragrance matchmaking technique with hundreds of consumers and trained her nose on as many fine fragrances. She delights her clients with the perfect scent.

Laura conducts training for fragrance retailers and private groups. Her education and coaching mix wonderful smells, laughter and style advice. She applies her skills as a lifelong educator and problem-solver to the pursuit of pleasure through perfume.

What drew her to this calling from a former perch as Head of Executive Education for a Fortune 100 company? A lifelong educator and problem-solver, Laura thrives on connecting people with whatever will bring out their best. In her current venture, pleasure is the end-goal.

Laura's training background includes design and delivery of training for business and non-profit organizations. Public appearances include television, representing The Connecticut Forum; radio, on the topic of national educational reform; presentations on health care policy to national industry groups, and talks on her favorite topic, the pleasures of perfume.

Career highlights include a role as Head of Enterprise Initiatives in the Office of the Chairman of a leading international health insurance company where Laura managed industry-leading health improvement projects. She has led strategic planning, change management and communications efforts for business and non-profit organizations. Laura has produced videos on health, well-being and leisure. Laura's next project is to transform the fragrance industry in response to rising consumer interest in scent.

Laura has served on the board of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development and has served since 1992 as a board member of The Connecticut Forum, a cultural non-profit organization whose mission is to inform, educate and inspire.

She has her BA from Harvard University and MBA from the University of Connecticut.